What & How We Heal

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The following procedures are carried out in Healing By Sky Healing Frontiers(SHF), Reiki & Angelic Quantum Healing.

  • Clearing away all the negative karma accumulated in this lifetime and all the past lifetimes.
  • Clearing away all negative elementals in the auric web.
  • Clearing away all the dhoshas( curses).
  • Clearing all negative and misqualified energies.
  • Clearing away residual karma and psychic debris.
  • Clearing away negative entities.
  • Healing and filling body with divine energy and wealth.
  • Healing , activating and balancing the chakras.
  • Healing the five koshas and physically, mentally and emotionally
  • Healing the relationship problem
  • Healing the ailments and area of need requested by the individuals.
  • Stabilizing the chakras and aura.
  • Activating a psychic shield to protect the person wholly and completely.
  • Individual's photo and details kept in pyramid for receiving healing 24x7.
  • Healing with reiki symbols.
  • Cutting the negative psychic chords of fear that are draining your energy and vitality.
  • Healing and energizing the subconscious mind.

Three Aspects Of Healing at i.reiki.ooo

The below Energy Tools And Techniques are Employed in Healing In i.reiki.ooo
SHF Programmed Pyramids
Utilize the miracle of Pyramids

Pyramids of a specific dimension are power houses of cosmic energy and act as microprocessors of cosmic energy, Which can be programnmed By a SHF Master to heal the people whose case sheet is placed in the pyramid.

SHF Crystal Healing Grid
Tap the Healing energy of Universe with Crystals

Crystals are naturally occurring crystalline substances. When utilizing crystals we are immediately connected with the universe and healing consequently happens. The Crystal Grid Used by Us are Programmed with SHF and this enhances the healing efficacy exponentially.

Invoking SHF Angels 
Your Divine Buddy.

SHF Angels are the beings of light that represent the angelic consciousness of SHF Healing energies. SHF angels aide in the process of healing, shielding, energization & intuitive guidance.
By Invoking the presence of these angels with one 24x7 they are effectively shielded, protected and empowered with all auspiciousness. 

How Does Sky Healing Frontiers™ (SHF) Work?

Sky Healing Frontiers is a set of new age healing energies and Symbols that will truly take you to the zenith of wisdom & Understanding and the pinnacle of evolution.

Basically you HEAL . Evolve . Manifest

Progressively decimate Present & Pastlife Karma 

Break the cycle of fruitive actions and become free from negative karmic cycle. Experience the reality of actually being in the sate of Krishna or Christ consciousness rather than an intellectual speculation. Thus leading a happy, healthy and Prosperous Life. 

Comprehensive Angelic Protection

Employ SHF angels to remove curses, lift entities and elementals to light and invoke a powerful shield to protect from negative sources of influence.

Fill With Divine Wealth

Empower yourself with a host of divine wealth that you can channel on demand after the SHF attunement through the use of SHF Symbols. Experience Universal Divine Love, Gratitude, Healing, Compassion and Abundance.

Sky Healing Frontiers(SHF), Reiki & Angelic Quantum Healing.

Individuals can get Healed one hour per day All 365 days a year
Energy Exchange:
India - INR ₹9804/-
Rest of the World - USD $123/-

Distance Healing for Companies and Businesses

The brands who’s name or logo featured in this website will be healed with Reiki System Of Natural Healing for the duration for which they have subscribed for(1 year).
If you are wondering how the healing is possible. With Reiki it is possible to remotely heal, energize and harmonize any business completely with just the business name or logo. It is not possible to harm anyone with reiki ,reiki is purely positive divinely guided energy.

Our Team

Dr. B Aswin Roshan
Third Eye Reiki Services™
Sky Healing Frontiers™

A Reiki Master. He is involved in research in channeling of new and vibrant healing energies for the benefit of mankind.

A B Saveetha 
Reiki Master/ Teacher

A Reiki Master/ Teacher who will take the reiki classes and attune the students into reiki. She has an experience of more than 15 years and she is an active meditator for the past 20 years.

 Guru Aswin 
Healing Officer - SHF Master

Positive and inspirational holistic healing expert with over 12 year of experience.
An Expert in Sky Healing Frontiers (SHF) Healing & An Clairvoyant Angelic Healer.